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We ask the questions that shape our future. How does the energy of the future reach us and in what form? Where does it come from? We approach these questions through our three megatrends. Sustainable, decentralised and digital – this is how we will generate, distribute and use energy in the future.

The three megatrends

Megatrend: decarbonisation

The energy of the future is green

At the Paris climate conference in 2015, participating countries agreed on a radical departure from the use of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. The times in which environmental and energy awareness was little more than a marginal phenomenon of a small group of ecological thought leaders are long gone.

We are committed to creating a sustainable energy system for new generations to live in a world worth having.

Megatrend: digitalisation

The energy system of the future is digital

In future, intelligent grids will maintain a stable supply of electricity even at times when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine. Smart products will make our lives easier every day. New mobility concepts and innovations like blockchain technology are on the verge of a breakthrough and there is a need for new business models.

We are a fast-moving company, committed to radical innovation andplaying to win in an
ever-changing game of business and market development.

Megatrend: decentralisation

The new energy market is decentralised

Large-scale power plants will be replaced by increasing numbers of small plants such as combined heat and power plants, communal wind farms or photovoltaic systems on rooftops that supply people with green electricity. Also, increasing numbers of customers will become their own energy producers. There will thus be a greater demand for energy companies to act as energy managers who control this globally connected grid.

We are committed to inspiring people, offering solutions beyond their current needs and expectations and making their lives easier.

From zero to one hundred

innogy is a leading energy company.


Currently, we supply reliable, reasonably priced energy to around 15.5 million electricity customers and 6.2 million gas customers in 10 European markets. We are always at the forefront with the development of smart products and services.

*market position within a country based on the amount of electricity- and gas-contracts (B2C) sold

21.730 million customers

This is equivalent to the populations of Croatia and the Netherlands put together.

Grid and infrastructure

Distribution grids are the backbone of the energy transition. Our distribution grid, which currently spans 5 countries, is one of the most powerful grids in Europe.

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