On the way to the mobility of tomorrow

If the energy transition is to go down in history as a success, the switchover to renewable energy sources must not be limited to the electricity and heating sectors. The transport sector – which is the third-largest energy guzzler in Germany – also has to make greater use of clean energy. This requires a functional energy supply and sufficient charging facilities. innogy is working on technologies to expand the charging infrastructure for private individuals and companies.

Our goal: to become a leading provider of charging infrastructure in Europe and the USA.

Technology that inspires!

The times when the range of electric cars is extremely small are over. There are now models in every price and performance class - from small cars to off-road vehicles. In order to support this diversity, innogy develops the right technology for every situation: whether for the shop at home, at work, shopping or travelling.

Mobility is a basis for a modern economy and society. Digitalisation is rapidly developing this sector. In a few years, things will look completely different on our roads than they do today.

The future is electric.

Electric mobility means much more than just electric cars. New ways of moving with electric drive are emerging constantly. Segways, e-bikes or e-scooters are no longer a surprise in urban traffic. In some cities even buses and trucks are already powered by electricity. And mobility itself will also change in the future: Models such as car sharing or autonomous driving will increasingly change our traffic image.

The demand is huge: there are only 17,400 public charging points for around 175,000 electric cars and plug-in hybrids in Germany.

Battery low? Charge easily!

We have already installed around 32,000 charging points in Europe and North America at numerous customers and in public places. In Germany in particular, we operate 8,200 smart charging points in 920 cities where electric cars can recharge 100 percent of their green power.

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