Employees can be pioneers

We’re designing the future of energy. 42,904 employees, all making history. To develop an energy system that makes the world liveable for us and for future generations – this is our task and to fulfil it, we need pioneers.

Pioneering spirit wanted! At the forefront of innovations with innogy.

Employees have stories, they are not numbers

innogy is working on the energy landscape of tomorrow. We want to create and drive innovations - with passion and #PIONIERGEIST (pioneering spirit). We need pioneers with courage and creativity who can help us design a sustainable future!

Sometimes curiosity and the ability to think differently takes you back in time a few hundred years. "I love to learn new things for my hobby and I leave nothing up to faith. Hereby, I make sure I always hit my mark. It is kind of the same in my job". Nicole Dünne (Senior Product Manager, International Digital Channels)

„Sometimes you need to take risks consciously - while skiing and on projects. In situations like these everone involved is 100% focussed on the moment and together we are a strong team - one which I can rely on always.“  Lukas Winter (Consultant innogy Consulting)

„I am passionate about searching for new opportunities - while doing sports (from triathlon to ski touring) as well as in my job (from teamlead to projectlead). There is no where more to be learned than behind an unopened door.“ Lukas Mersch (Projectlead special projects grid&infrastructure)

„What is important when playing golf? Each player is responsible for her or his own game. With force and violence you do not get far here. The combination of technique, relaxation and precision characterizes this game. Golfing motto: The most important stroke is always to think about the next stroke.“  Kerstin Otto (Sales Controlling and Products Municipalities / Participations, Grid & Infrastructure)

“It does not always have to be straightforward for me - neither when mountain biking nor in my job at innogy. I find it exciting to find new ways to success.”  Sven Bender (Key account manager network services)

Jobs for people with #PIONIERGEIST (pioneering spirit)

We’re looking for visionaries who can roll up their sleeves and dream up innovations with plenty of creativity and courage.

We’re not looking for simple solutions. We want the best solutions! So we question existing concepts and processes, seeking better approaches. This has brought us success - thanks to genuine #PIONIERGEIST (pioneering spirit), respect and open communication. In other words: