Solutions to make life easier

In an ever more complex digital and connected world, everyone wants a secure electricity supply, functionality and efficiency along with maximum comfort. We offer our customers integrated solutions that make their lives easier.

Smart solutions in a digital and connected world.

One example is the innogy SmartHome Energy Manager – the first complete solution for energy and mobility: mutually compatible system components cover the areas of photovoltaics, battery storage, SmartHome and electric mobility. With a SmartHome solution, electricity generated by a solar PV system and stored in a battery can be transferred to electrical devices or the charging station for the e-vehicle.

„innogy is more than an energy provider.“Martin Herrmann, COO Retail innogy SE

What else can we do for you?

Our focus is on the customers. We offer them renewable energy, SmartHome products and the opportunity to manage and sell self-generated energy. With our line-up of business segments, innogy already represents the complete value chain of the future energy system.

Home becomes SmartHome

Intelligent living is already reality. With automatic temperature regulation or lighting, more and more home devices are acting as autonomous assistants. Thanks to the increasing connectivity between the internet and the household, our homes can now be managed using an app.

Simply activate our SmartHome and experience what is already possible.

Smart thermostats

Manage your preferred room temperature at home with a single click. The innogy SmartHome room thermostat will regulate your heaters.

Smart lighting

With the innogy SmartHome adapter, electrical devices and lamps can easily be integrated into your home control system.

Smart smoke detectors

Networked smoke detectors that not only detect fires, but also function as alarms when connected to sensors on doors and windows.

SmartHome control centre

The control centre is the heart of the innogy SmartHome solutions. It connects to all home devices and turns your home into a real “SmartHome”.

Smart cameras

Keep an eye on what’s happening at home – with the SmartCam. This guarantees that you’ll always feel safe – even on holidays.

Transparent consumption

“How much does it cost to do one load of washing?” Soon you’ll be able to get the answer to this question without even having to get off the sofa, just by checking your smartphone. innogy is working on an app that will enable customers to analyse consumption data, identify power guzzlers and use energy more efficiently. Consumption transparency in real-time.

Help from your neighbours finds technically versed experts in your neighbourhood who can help you with the installation of SmartHome products.

From consumers to producers

With shine, customers can store self-produced solar energy and use it to supply hot water. Or charge their electric vehicles with energy from the sun. Soon, it will also be possible to sell solar energy to neighbours. Customers with their own combined heat and power systems can optimise their electricity production with shine and save around 250 euros a year.

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